Before you view this site I want you to ask yourself:

What did I eat last?

Then ask yourself:

Do I know where that food came from?  Who grew/produced it and how did it get to my plate?

Can you answer that series of questions?

Honestly, a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to answer those questions myself. It wasn’t until I moved from the heart of Philadelphia out to the countryside, that I discovered all of the amazing farms near by that grow and produce so many items. I never had to go to the grocery store for those items again. It was a lifestyle shift that I was happy to make. The food was richer in flavor, brighter in color and it warmed my heart knowing that I was supporting these small places so that they could continue to produce their treasure trove of amazing eats. With my project, Hundred Mile Table, I am bringing the awareness that I developed out in the country to the city. Through Hundred Mile Table (HMT), I want to introduce you to an array of local farmers and producers who operate within a hundred miles from City Hall. Most of these products can be found right here in Philadelphia and some are produced or grown less than five miles away. Others are worth the trip out to the farm, not only to pick up the items that they have to offer, but also to see exactly where the food comes from and meet those who make it.